Volcano Lava Candles

Volcano Lava Candle, volcano shaped soy candles. Watch it transform from a beautiful cinder cone into a breath taking crater lake! An empty crater will be left and you can continue to use it as a tealight holder. Every candle comes with a battery operated t-light just for that purpose. All candles are lightly scented with Bay leaf, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Musk and no two are the same! That being said, the choices we offer are only by size, because they move so quickly, the candle you receive will not look exactly like any candle pictured, but we assure you it will be just as good if not better! We use a 100% soy and plant based wax. No Paraffin or bees wax. Everything we make, is made here on the Big Island of Hawaii. We source locally first and then what we cannot find we source from the U.S. Mainland. Mahalo for shopping with us! We can do custom orders they just take a little longer. Email us!  Production time is 2 to 3 business days and we now offer unscented.