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Tropi Chunks Soy Wax Melts

 Tropi-Chunks are heavily scented tropical soy wax melts, hand poured and hand chunked on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are a worry free candle alternative. No more worrying “Did I forget to blow that candle out?” Drop a Trop and forget about your worries. Tropi Chunks! Our wax melts are soy wax melts. 0 paraffin. When it comes to melting, if you’re having any issues smelling our melts, you can try upping your heat source or try a different warmer. Soy requires more heat than paraffin, so the heat source is more than likely the issue.  Every batch I make is tested before it goes out the door. To test them, we use a 20W bulb 💡 warmer and a 15 watt bulb 💡 outlet warmer from #happywax and a ceramic heater from #happywax. If I can’t smell a batch, I won’t send it out. Luckily we've never had it happen to any of our batches. We appreciate all of you! Happy melting!